About Us


Shah’s Halal Food was established in 2005. Our mission is to create a brand with our Halal food and family recipes to bring forth supreme quality Halal Food. Our aim is to expand food and other related services to each and every neighbourhood. We have over 30 years of expertise in providing services related to:

  • Mobile Food Cart

    Mobile Food Carts And trucks

  • Restaurants


  • Catering


Shah’s Halal has locations all across New York City, Long Island, and other States.

We pay attention to every detail of our food products and services. Our team of dedicated professionals puts great time and effort into the development of all of our food products. We use only 100 percent certified halal products by Halal Food Council U.S.A. that come directly from our authorized distributors’ farms. All our meats are blessed in person by practicing Muslims; the chickens are fed according to Islamic guidelines i.e. with non-hormonal natural feed. We only use the best ingredients for processing and preparation of our meats and make all our special sauces. Only fresh produce is used to prepare our salads. We use top quality sela basmati rice to be cooked with authentic natural flavors.

All the food products we prepare are produced within the premises of our USDA facility. We bring a wide array of products on the platter for our customers and vendors. We have a rich lineage and most of the recipes have been passed down in the family.

We offer our brand to be available to anyone interested in opening a new business and want to use our concept for a food cart, truck, or restaurant. We provide a wide range of services to our customers. We focus on delivering high quality food at an affordable price and ample variety to all our customers.