Licensing opportunities

Shah’s Halal Food was established in 2005. Our mission is to create a brand with our Halal food and family recipes to bring forth supreme quality Halal Food. Our aim is to expand food and other related services to each and every neighbourhood. We have over 30 years of expertise in providing services related to Halal Food Operations, Catering, Mobile Food Carts, Trucks and Restaurants.

Shah’s Halal will help you start your business. We help you by providing:

Location Selection Support

Our team will provide support during the selection process for your location, whether it is a cart, food truck, or restaurant storefront. We have been through the process before and have the experience to make sure you choose a successful location for your business.

Construction Guidance & Supervision

We will provide support for you during the construction phase of your restaurant’s opening. We have set up many restaurant storefronts and will make sure your Shah’s Halal is a high quality establishment.

Sign, POS, & Other Aesthetic Requirement Negotiations

We have built relationships with all necessary vendors to open a successful restaurant. Our team will help you negotiate pricing for things like signage, POS systems, and other aesthetic requirements.

New Manager Training Protocols

Shah’s Halal managers are eligible to undergo our 4-6 week training program to ensure successful operation of your restaurant business. Our experts will make sure that your team managers know how to lead a team at a Shah’s Halal Food restaurant.

Grand Opening Promotion

All of our online marketing will work synergistically for your brand. When you open your restaurant location, our social media channels will be used to promote the grand opening of your business, helping to build the hype for your restaurant.

Location Specific Logo Utilization

When you sign up to be a licensee of the Shah’s Halal brand, you will be reserving the location specific name for your restaurant branch. You will be the only restaurant who gets to use that specific name.

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