Kofta Gyro

Kofta Gyro

Kofta Gyro

593.2 Cal / per serving

Freshly ground chicken mixed with fresh herbs and spices, chopped into small pieces, served over 8 inch pita with choice of salad and sauce

Ingredients In The Kofta Gyro


Kofta Sub Recipe

Salata Sub Recipe

Lettuce, iceberg

Nutritional Information

590 Cal.



Total Fat


Total Carbs



  • Saturated Fat:
  • Trans Fat:
  • Cholesterol:
  • Sodium:
  • Fiber:
  • Sugars:
  • Added Sugars:
  • Calcium:
  • Iron:
  • Vitamin D:
  • Potassium:

*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


kofta sub Recipe (chicken, spanish onions, chili peppers, monosodium glutamate, red pepper flakes, cumin, salt, black pepper, garlic), unbleached unbromated enriched wheat flour,[niacin (b-complex vitamin) reduced iron, thiamin(b1 vitamin), riboflavin (b2 vitamin) folic acid] and water. contains 2% or less of each of the following ingredients: calcium propionate (a Preservative), corn syrup solids, enzymes, fumaric acid guar gum, salt, sesame flour, sodium bicarbonate, sorbic acid (a Preservative) soybean oil, soy flour, sugar, sunflower oil, vegetable monoglycerides, whole wheat flour and yeast, salata sub Recipe (tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro), iceberg lettuce

Contains:Soy, Wheat


Unbleached Unbromated Enriched Wheat Flour,[Niacin (B-Complex vitamin) Reduced Iron, Thiamin(B1 vitamin), Riboflavin (B2 vitamin) Folic Acid] and water. Contains 2% or less of each of the following ingredients: Calcium Propionate (a Preservative), Corn Syrup Solids, Enzymes, Fumaric Acid Guar Gum, Salt, Sesame Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbic Acid (a Preservative) Soybean Oil, Soy Flour, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Monoglycerides, Whole Wheat Flour and Yeast

Contains:Soy, Wheat, Sesame

Salata Sub Recipe

Salata Sub Recipe (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Cilantro)


Lettuce, iceberg

Iceberg Lettuce


Shah’s White Sauce

soybean oil, water, whole egg, distilled vinegar, dried buttermilk, egg yolk, mustard bran, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, salt, titanium dioxide, lemon juice concentrate, dill, natural flavor, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservatives), xanthan gum, calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor)

contains:Milk, Eggs

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